Fast Track!


“One Stop” Drawer Shopping!
Whatever your drawer requirements… BHK has it available!

BHK Fast Track Program Offers:
• Drawers in any quantity — from 1 to 150
• Lead time is normally ten (10) working days or less.
• Groove Configurations 1/8” + 1/4” bottom materials
• We accept all major credit cards for easy ordering.


credit cards

Whatever Your Application, BHK has the Solution!

Standard Heights and Colors

Standard Heights: Product *Colors:
2", 2.75", 3", 3.5", 4", 5",
6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 12"
BHK-DW White (01)
BHK-DW Black (02)
BHK-DW White Maple (PP) (03)
White Maple (PP)
BHK-DW Linen (09)
Linen (textured)

Engineered Wood

Russian Birch, Birch and Maple—other species available

Natural finish. Please inquire for color sample.
Contact BHK Customer Service.

Drawers will be offered for sale in standard heights and groove configurations, in a limited color range and in any quantity up to 150.
FAST TRACK sales are by credit card or cashier/bank check. Open accounts must apply and be approved through normal credit procedures.
We are required to charge sales tax on all orders where a sales and use tax certificate of exemption is not provided.

* Due to variations in printing, color swatches shown may vary in color. Actual color samples are available upon request. Manufacturer reserves
the right to make changes without notice.