Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why BHK?
BHK is the largest U.S. manufacturer of a full line of ready to assemble (RTA) drawer and component systems in Solid Wood, Engineered Wood and DuraWrap®.
The latest state of the art equipment and technology are utilized in the manufacture of BHK Drawer and Component Systems.

Where was it Made?
BHK operates a manufacturing facility in South Boston, Virginia.

How long have you been producing drawers?
BHK was founded in Germany in 1971 and began manufacturing drawer components in America in 1976.

What kind of drawers do you make?
DuraWrap®, Engineered Wood and Solid Wood drawers.

What are your tolerances?
All products are manufactured to tolerances of no more than +/- 0.5MM (1/50") for specified dimension.

What colors are available?
BHK drawer components are available in a variety of colors. Our Engineered Wood and Solid Wood products are available in natural finish.
Other veneers and tinted finishes are available upon request.

What thickness is available?
Standard thickness is 1/2" or 5/8".

Can I purchase bottom material with my drawer sides?
Yes, BHK offers color coordinated, full sheets or cut to size bottom material for all its drawer products. Standard thicknesses are 1/8" and 1/4".
Other thicknesses available upon request.

What is the lead time?
Standard lead time is 15 working days. Please inquire with BHK.

How is BHK committed to the environment?
We are the responsible drawer company. Our environmental policy and practices are in compliance with environmental regulations, conducting of operations in an environmentally sound manner and applying the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all processes.

What is FSC®?
The Forest Stewardship Council , http://www.fsc.org, is an independent, not-for-profit organization that promotes responsible forest management throughout the world.

FSC® is unique because of its balance in decision-making between economic, ecological or societal interests. All three sectors have the same influence on the decisions of the General Assembly that decides FSC® policy and lays down the criteria.

Everybody who has an interest in responsible forest management can be an FSC® member and influence the organization’s development. The current membership includes forest owners, timber traders, trades unions, interest groups and representatives of local people.

FSC® has developed 10 principles and criteria for the certification of well-managed forests. They can be implemented all over the world and are valid for both tropical and temperate forests. They are interpreted according to local conditions.

A product bearing the FSC® seal originates from a well-managed forest. To ensure that the forest management meets the FSC® principles and criteria, independent certifying bodies inspect the forests. They not only inspect the management plans, but also perform onsite audits, ensuring that FSC's principles and criteria are being complied with.

To ensure that a product originates from an FSC® forest, the entire Chain of Custody (CoC) is monitored, from forest to end product. Every firm in the chain is inspected to ensure that the FSC® certified timber is not being exchanged for other, non-certified sources. This ensures the socially minded consumer that a purchase of FSC® certified timber is indeed coming from a responsibly managed forest. The input and output flows of FSC® timber must also match.

Halfway through January 2009, 945 forests fulfilled the FSC® principles and criteria, representing an area of more than 105 million hectares of well-managed forest. Throughout the world, 12,009 companies have received Chain of Custody certification. The expectation is that this number will continue to grow, meaning that the supply of FSC® timber and FSC® products will also continue to grow.

Why FSC®?
Independent research shows that FSC® is the only certification system that specifies objective and verifiable minimum requirements for forest management and closely monitors if these have been achieved.

FSC® is also the only system in which economic, environmental and social interests have their own formal place in the organization and which has public summaries of its certification reports.

FSC® is a credible system as its standard is the only standard for responsible forest management that is operating in compliance with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice. Compliance with this code attests the credibility of a standard. Members of the ISEAL Alliance are leading international standard-setting, certification and accreditation organizations that focus on social and environmental issues.

FSC® Certification provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment.